Pre-Season - Arlington Longhorns

"Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?  A Monday night PARTY!"  The game kicks of @ 7PM CST on Monday, March 13th in Topeka, Kansas.

First, how cool is it that all 4 games are on different nights?  How often do we get to focus on one game and get to see all CIF matchups live in a weekend?

Second, I LOVE the new helmets of both the Arlington Longhorns and the Topeka Tropics!

Third, this may be a non-league matchup, but do NOT sleep on the Arlington Longhorns.  They're probably the best independent team out there!

Fourth, the Tropics may have lost to the champs 75-45, but don't let that deceive you.  Tropics quarterback Lorenz Stefan actually has the best quarterback numbers in the league through week 1 with 195 passing yards and 5 touchdowns.  He seems to like returning receiver Ryan Martinez who edged the aforementioned Karonce Higgins in receiving yards with 115!  He added 3 touchdowns.  Fellow receiver Max Novak added another 3 TDs and 75 yards.  They're an effective duo, so I'm anticipating the Tropics putting up some points!  Their defense needs work.

Fifth, the Arlington Longhorns are always at a disadvantage not having the resources to attract top-notch talent with dollar bills.  But, they're organized well and coached well, and are kind enough to give us all a show.  The other non-league matchups look like this:

Rapid City Marshals 67  Fargo Invaders 21
Sioux City Bandits 60  Tri-State Tridents 9
Omaha Beef 71  Omaha Stockmen 0

The Longhorns should keep this game much closer, so to Topeka residents, my advice is to buy a ticket and show up--even if there's no coconut-touting Hawaiian chics swaying.  The Tropics will put on a show and the Longhorns will do plenty to make it great entertainment.  Tropics 52 Longhorns 36.  Besides, the colors of these teams and their helmets look so elegant, it's bound to look good.

By Ducon Williams